ITQIndividual Transferable Quota
ITQImproving Teacher Quality (state grant)
ITQInformation Technology Qualification (UK)
ITQInstituto Tecnológico de Querétaro (Spanish: Technological Institute of Queretaro; Mexico)
ITQInvitation To Quote
ITQImproving Training Quality (conference; World Bank)
ITQInnovation, Technology and Quality (Euro-Mediterranean Partnership)
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the ITQ right is infinite in addition to being fully exclusive, secure,
where [sigma](j) represents the shadow price of ITQ's for firm j or the instantaneous gain from renting the quota foregone by using the ITQ share for landings; i.
Contract Team Leader, Stella Owen, said: "The ITQ is a very valuable qualification.
The ITQ program, launched in 2003, is a statewide, multiple-award contracting initiative that provides agencies a fast and efficient way to procure IT services from pre-qualified vendors, through COSTARS, the Commonwealth's cooperative purchasing program.
Since the implementation of the first ITQ programs in the mid-1970s, hundreds of such programs have been adopted in over 20 countries.
When used in combination with the Thermo Scientific FOCUS GC, the ITQ 700 GC/MS achieves an unprecedented average relative standard deviation of 9.
The ITQ analyses workforce skills such as making the best use of technology in business systems and in communication with colleagues and customers, and can even include bespoke units for organisations that use unique IT systems, for example proprietary programs for managing client data, logistics, statistics and analysis, alongside units in traditional IT skills such as word processing, databases and email.
The ITQ will be available from Wirral Metropolitan College and Halewoodbased partnership for learning which can offer limited availability of a 60% SkillWorks subsidy for small firms.
4 percent of the national investment volume, leading all regions, since the debut of the ITQ in 1995.
By converting a common resource like fish into property, the ITQ system works like emissions trading in which companies pay for the right to pollute a fixed quantity of the atmosphere.
Resource users' ability and incentive to exclude others also will depend on whether individuals have a property fight over only the resource flow, as in ITQ fisheries, or over both the resource flow and stock.
Under an ITQ scheme, the new "owner" of a portion of the available fish stock can sell, trade, lease or give away his or her portion of the fishery.