ITQSIndividual Transferable Quotas (fisheries)
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We monitored AE signals from rust fracture using the ITQS for 50 days.
Outputs of the PZT sensors were amplified 40 dB, while those of the ITQS were not amplified but used a 20-150 kHz bandpass-filter.
6 shows change of room temperature and cumulative AE events counts of the ITQS.
In those fisheries in particular, the expiration of the moratorium on expanding the use of ITQS has, in all likelihood, already motivated firms to increase their use of capital, with a consequent reduction in productivity.
For all practical purposes, ITQS is an additional set of guidelines followed apart from and in addition to the ISO 9001 standards.
The scope of (the ISO 9001 certification is more stringent and comprehensive under the ITQS scheme," noted R.