ITRAInformation Technology Risk Assurance (various companies)
ITRAInternational Technical Rescue Association
ITRAInternational Tire and Rubber Association
ITRAInternational Tenant Representative Alliance
ITRAIndependent Technical Risk Assessment
ITRAInternational Toy Research Association (est. 1993)
ITRAIrish Tag Rugby Association
ITRAInter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance
ITRAIrish Team Racing Association (Dublin, Ireland)
ITRAIran Threat Reduction and Human Rights Act of 2012
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For several reasons, (5) there is no evidence on lowering ITRA doses: (a) it has an erratic gastrointestinal absorption and food composition and gastric pH might influence drug's bioavailability (cyclodextrin-containing formulations are preferred); (b) ITRA has non-linear PK, thus, dose reductions may lead to unpredictable serum levels (zero order kinetics is dependent on enzyme saturation).
According to Rosen, "The continued presence of Iran on the State Department's terror list means that "existing statutory requirements" set forth in ITRA in 2012 had not been met for Iran to receive the sanctions relief spelled out in the JCPOA".
Szubin said the foreign subsidiaries licensed to do business with Iran will have to meet "some very difficult conditions," and he specifically cited ITRA, saying the 2012 law "contains the licensing authority that Treasury would anticipate using .
Most client needs for an ITRA would include identifying and quantifying a wide range of potential information technology threats, including cybersecurity, computer fraud, insider threats, and natural disasters.
ITRA is a National Programme to help build a national resource for advancing the quality and quantity of R&D in Information and Communications Technologies and Electronics and its applications, in IT and related institutions across India.
Club Class and five connected companies were put into compulsory liquidation, though this didn't put Club Class in Spain out of action, nor did it effect offshore-based ITRA.
The new arrangement makes ITRA the largest organization dedicated to exclusive tenant representation," explains Mr.
The World ITRA Expo, featuring 14 hours of exhibits and 25 educational workshops for tire retreaders and repairers, commercial tire dealers, and tire and rubber recyclers, is an educational forum that focuses on equipment, technology and issues that are important to the tire, rubber, recycling, service station and transportation industries.
ITRA also awarded Tiffany Hughes, American Rubber Technologies, and Roy Littlefield, International Tire & Rubber Association, the Friend of the Industry Award.
The ITRA guide helps tenants avoid the common traps of planning and negotiating for space, while providing strategic advise," said Harold Wagner, director of marketing for ITRA.
Founding members of ITRA had first come together at a planning/discussion meeting in the fall 1992, organized by "The Tenant Representative" newsletter, a Piermont, New York-based national monthly publication for real estate professionals serving office, industrial and retail spac users.