ITRCIdentity Theft Resource Center
ITRCInstructional Technology Resource Center
ITRCInterstate Technology and Regulatory Council
ITRCInformation Technology Research Centre (Canada)
ITRCInterstate Technology and Regulatory Cooperation
ITRCItalian Red Cross (also seen as IRC; International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement)
ITRCIntelligent Transportation Research Center (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
ITRCInterstate Technology Regulatory Coordination
ITRCInformation Technology Requirements Council
ITRCInformation Technology Response Center
ITRCInstitute for The Regional Community
ITRCInternational Trade and Regional Cooperation (Commonwealth Secretariat)
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Partnership with EC-Council will help ITRC to establish itself as country's top trusted source for online learning material about Cyber Security.
We've often found that when people think of identity theft, they think about the financial ramifications associated with this crime on its victims, not the emotional impact," Eva Velasquez, CEO and President of the ITRC, said.
The business sector topped the ITRC 2015 Breach List with nearly 40% of the breaches publicly reported, followed by the Health/Medical sector with 35.
All the ITRC coefficients (which represent changes in tax quota due to a one percentage point change in the ITRC) are statistically significant at the level of less than 0.
After leaving the ITRC (now Lumity) in 1989, he founded Andrews Technology Management, a consulting firm providing organizational development and technology services to the sector.
Langan Engineering & Environmental Services announced that Robert Bond has received the coveted Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) Industry Affiliates Program Award for outstanding performance on the ITRC Enhanced Attenuation of Chlorinated Organics team.
Compare SYNOVATE, supra note 7, at 3, with ITRC, supra note
Foley and her husband founded the ITRC to help victims of the painful crime.
The ITRC reported 110 security breaches affecting 56.
According to the ITRC study, the average amount of credit card charges related to identity theft in 2004 is $92,893.
The ITRC is a state-led coalition designed to help streamline state acceptance for alternative cover technologies.