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ITRIIndustrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan, ROC)
ITRIInformation Technology Research Institute
ITRIIndustrial Technology Research Institute
ITRIInhalation Toxicology Research Institute
ITRIInternational Tin Research Institute Ltd
ITRIInner Trip Reiyukai International (New York, NY)
ITRIInformation Technology Reuse Initiative
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ITRI developed ChemSEI-Linker to address environmental concerns and improve the performance, recyclability, and safety of lithium batteries.
ITRI believes that the big increase in imports reported by China in the first half of 2016 (up 88% year-on-year in gross weight terms) is based on a depletion of above ground stocks of ore and concentrate accumulated over the last few years.
Sheng-Ching Cheng, Deputy General Director of the Information and Communications Research Laboratories of ITRI.
ITRI small cell projects are funded from the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) of the Ministry of Economy Affairs (MOEA), Taiwan.
The company says it can carry out a comprehensive range of testing services in its laboratories based at the offices of ITRI, in St.
ITRI has 3 mission statements - to expedite the development of new industrial technology, to aid in the process of upgrading industrial technology techniques & to establish future industrial technology.
According to ITRI, global LED-lighting market will post compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32% in 2010-2012, with estimated 2020 revenue of 55 billion euro (US$71.
Apart from composing music, Itri was also a calligrapher and poet and is also believed to have composed religious music for the Mevlevi sect, of which he was a member.
FlexUPD ushers in a new generation of flexible electronics," ITRI says.
ITRI has played a vital role in the transformation of the economy from an agriculture-based model to an industrial one.
Rather than following the conventional approach using firm-level or country-level studies, the present sample contains data on 252 public-funded annual research projects conducted by the ITRI in Taiwan during the period 1991-99.
Information security breaches at such companies as Bank of America and LexisNexis have brought even more attention to an area already in the spotlight," said Bill Hardgrave, executive director of ITRI.