ITS-2Second Internal Transcribed Spacer (ribosomal DNA repeating unit)
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Further work will evaluate whether all currently described genotypes can be identified and differentiated based on the SSCP analysis of the SSU rDNA and/or ITS-2 loci and will assess interlaboratory reproducibility of the method.
Hooker et Harvey, ITS-2, Mattio & Payri, 2009).
Analyses of the nuclear ITS-2 marker were carried out for 26 species of S.
For the purpose of the present work, analyses of the nuclear ITS-2 marker (Appendix 3) were carried out for 19 taxa of S.
ii) An analysis of at least three DNA markers for which comparative data are available in the literature and on GenBank, in the case of Sargassum: the nuclear ITS-2, the chloroplastic partial Rubisco and the mitochondrial cox3.
We sequenced both strands of the largest reliable amplification products for all specimens (except ITS-2 from Cuevas 10 and 11).
50 (Rozas & Rozas 1999) assuming that the lrRNA-ND1 and CO1 mitochondrial fragments show uni-parental inheritance and complete vegetative assortment, while nuclear ITS-2 is autosomal and diploid (though probably part of a repetitive family).
vagans, for three genetic regions (except ITS-2 in Las Cuevas 10 and 11).
These results contrast with the smaller ITS-2 (Fig.
Phylogenetic relationships among Brazilian Biomphalaria species (Mollusca Planorbidae) based upon analysis of ribosomal ITS-2 sequence.
The ITS-2 of the nuclear rDNA as a molecular marker for populations, species and phylogenetic relationships in Triatominac (Hemiptera: Reduviidae), vectors of Chagas disease.