ITS2Internal Transcribed Spacer Region 2 (DNA)
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The partial tick mitochondrial 16S rDNA, 12S rDNA, and ITS2 sequences have been deposited in GenBank under accession nos.
2010) found that nuclear internal transcribed spacer 2 (ITS2) regions had not only a high amplification efficiency, but also a high identification efficiency up to 90%, and they proposed that ITS2 be used as a potential barcode for plant identification.
The parental populations and hybrid progeny were analyzed via PCR amplification of the ITS1 and ITS2 markers.
interdigitale olarak tanimlanan 60 sus DNA'larinin EcoRI enzimi ile kesilmis, olusan DNA parcalarinin 18S rDNA'nin 3' ucu, ITS 1 f 5,8S rDNA, ITS2 ve 28S rDNA'nin 5' ucunu cogaltan prob kullanilarak yapilan PCR sonucu, NTS bolgelerindeki polimorfIzme gore 23 farkli RFLP deseni gozlenmistir.
Determining whether the nucleic acid sequence is present in the sample can be accomplished by detecting hybridization between a dimorphic probe, species-specific probe, and/or microbe-specific probe and a nucleic acid sequence corresponding to the ITS2 region of fungal rDNA.
The reverse primer, CentropRev1 (Table 3), overlapped the boundary of the 3' end of the ITS2 spacer and the 5' end of the LSU rRNA gene (Fig.
Rapid identification of fungi using the ITS2 genetic region and an automatic fluorescence capillary electrophoresis system.
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DNA will be extracted and the nuclear ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region I will be PCF amplified and sequenced using primers ITS1F and ITS2.
ITEX is the latest in a growing list of innovations and decision support tools that Internet Truckstop is making available to members on the new ITS2 website.
Assessment of variation among Thrips tabaci populations from Georgia and Peru based on polymorphism in mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I and ribosomal ITS2 sequences.
The identity of parents and selected progeny were confirmed using the ITS2 (internal transcribed spacer 2) marker as described by Wang and Guo (2008).