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ITSAIntelligent Transportation Society of America
ITSAInteractive Travel Services Association
ITSAInternational Transportation Safety Association
ITSAInformation Technology Services Agency (UK government)
ITSAInformation Technology Students Association (various locations)
ITSAInternational Travel Services Association
ITSAIndependent Tank Storage Association
ITSAIterative Two-Step Approach
ITSAInformation Technology Support Activity
ITSAInstitute for Telecommunications Sciences & Aeronomy
ITSAInformation Technology Strategy & Architecture
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In ITSA and Yarn Expo Spring 2018 Edition, 37 companies will participate in total.
According to ITSA, independent travel distribution, which gives travel providers the ability to sell and distribute their capacity, and gives consumers the ability to compare and purchase the flights and other travel services that best suit their needs, plays a significant role in the travel space, as recognized by the Commission's invitation to participate.
Despite these challenging economic factors, ITSA has managed to maintain its position and market share, especially with regard to trade between Italy and the Far East and India.
Illinois courts have interpreted the ITSA to require three elements for a claim of misappropriation: (1) a trade secret existed; (2) the secret was misappropriated; and (3) the owner of the secret was damaged by the misappropriation.
These requests have been monitored by the service desk, a component of the support desk, which is a core process at ITSA and fundamental building block of the TTIL framework.
ITSA allows the SEC to impose triple damages on any person found to have tipped or traded on material nonpublic information, instead of just requiring the individual to return illegally gained profits.
Our null hypothesis is as follows: the passage of ITSA had no effect on the actions of registered insiders; as a result, preannouncement trading by registered insiders will be at least as prevalent subsequent to the passage of the Act as it was before its passage.
ITSA will urge the Committee to act quickly to protect the interests of consumers, particularly in the area of improving disclosure of and ability to purchase airline ancillary fees.
ITSA is particularly concerned that Orbitz will prevent online travel agencies from offering certain Internet-only fares.
The results "shocked and appalled" seasoned professionals working in trading standards departments across the country, according to Mr Eric Robinson, chairman of the ITSA.
We are grateful to be recognized with a prestigious ITSA Smart Solution award for our efforts.
ASTA and ITSA are alarmed that the Department would permit huge airlines to combine their bargaining power against both traditional and online travel agents, which have brought transparency, innovation, and lower fares directly to consumers.