ITSBInformation Technology Services Branch (Government of Canada, Department of Public Works and Government Services)
ITSBIntegrated Theater Signal Battalion (US Army)
ITSBImage Technology Standards Board
ITSBIowa Trust and Savings Bank (est. 1896)
ITSBInformation Technology Services for Business (Cargill)
ITSBImproved Tangential-Sphere Bound
ITSBInformation Technology Systems Budget (IT Budget exhibits)
ITSBInformation Technology Systems Budget
ITSBIliotibial Band Syndrome
ITSBInformation Technology Systems Bridge
ITSBInformation Technology Solutions of Belize
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Stratos President and CEO Jim Parm said, "Our BGAN Lease Service will enable ITSB clients to benefit from the high levels of performance and productivity that BGAN is successfully providing to thousands of other companies and government agencies worldwide.
We are committed to demonstrating results and helping the ITSB achieve a green FISMA scorecard evaluation from DHS and OMB.
We are proud that our global expertise that has helped other commercial and public sector clients transform their business can be leveraged to assist ITSB.
When I joined the 307th ITSB, SSG Shiraishi was described to me with words like 'a true professional,' 'thoroughly knowledgeable,' and more importantly, 'outstanding performer,'" said LTC Maria Barrett, 307th ITSB commander.
The pieces of an ITSB can be configured based on the requirements for specific operations, and quickly deployed to maintain network operations in a combat theater.
Spain explained that the ITSB experiment was carefully observed during Grecian Firebolt.
AN/TSC 85D & 93D Ground Mobile Forces SATCOM Terminals: As units convert to modular formations, the Department of the Army directs units to return their existing AN/TSC 85/93s to depot for refurbishment, an upgrade to the D Model, and then cascaded to the Active, Reserve, and National Guard EAC units, to include the ITSBs.
Troposcatter radios will remain a part of the ITSB in the future, but unless upgrades take place, this means of communication will be confined to short haul communications in low-traffic areas.
USARPAC is currently transforming into a theater warfighting command, and the re-stationing here of the 307th ITSB is only the latest of several new deployable commands to support modularity in USARPAC's future missions.
The re-stationing of the 307th ITSB to USARPAC is a history-making event for our Army," said COL Edric A.
The merging of theater and many corps functions at the UEy level significantly increases the number of CPs the ITSBs have to support.
It will be the ITSBs and TNCs that enable the BCT signal companies to connect to the Global Information Grid.