ITSBInformation Technology Services Branch (Government of Canada, Department of Public Works and Government Services)
ITSBIntegrated Theater Signal Battalion (US Army)
ITSBImage Technology Standards Board
ITSBIowa Trust and Savings Bank (est. 1896)
ITSBInformation Technology Services for Business (Cargill)
ITSBImproved Tangential-Sphere Bound
ITSBInformation Technology Systems Budget
ITSBInformation Technology Systems Budget (IT Budget exhibits)
ITSBIliotibial Band Syndrome
ITSBInformation Technology Systems Bridge
ITSBInformation Technology Solutions of Belize
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We are committed to demonstrating results and helping the ITSB achieve a green FISMA scorecard evaluation from DHS and OMB.
When I joined the 307th ITSB, SSG Shiraishi was described to me with words like 'a true professional,' 'thoroughly knowledgeable,' and more importantly, 'outstanding performer,'" said LTC Maria Barrett, 307th ITSB commander.
Based on the ITSB doctrine, the Phoenix can provide range extension transport to Joint Task Force Headquarters, Echelons above Corps support, or provide task organized support down to brigades (see previous editions of Army Communicator for Phoenix details).
The 422nd is now the only ITSB in the Army National Guard and the only ITSB in the Army west of the Mississippi.
The 307th ITSB, a tactical unit with three line companies and a headquarters company, officially stood up as a subordinate command of the 516th Signal Brigade at a Schofield Barracks ceremony Nov.
The reason why we are looking at doing this now is because now is the opportunity when the conjunction with the ITSB redesign throughout Signal structure can be pushed around to address shortfalls in the G6/S6 with that structure.
The 280th is moving forward and taking advantage of this opportunity not only to execute the Signal mission in Iraq but also to prepare their Soldiers for their new signal mission as an ITSB.
High demand satellite terminal/equipment availability is an obvious challenge for the 25S RC course, but once established at the two High Tech Sites and when the newly formed ITSBs get fielded their complement of tactical satellite terminals, the proliferation of this training will be realized.
The merging of theater and many corps functions at the UEy level significantly increases the number of CPs the ITSBs have to support.
It will be the ITSBs and TNCs that enable the BCT signal companies to connect to the Global Information Grid.