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2011): "Modelling cooperative driving in congestion shockwaves on a freeway network", IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Proceedings, ITSC 614-619.
Rahim ElKishky, CEO and partner, Global Reach & ITSC Egypt said: "Our first corridor will be between UAE and the Philippines via the extensive network of retail outlets and the subscriber base of G-Xchange, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom, which operates the GCASH.
Nosotros tenemos problemas con el perfil del egresado del tecnologico, por ejemplo a nosotros practicamente no nos es util, tratamos de escoger estudiantes brillantes dado que en general la gente que se ha usado como ingenieros no son de aqui, traes gente de otras partes, pero la idea que nosotros tenemos es tomarlo de aqui, en general el perfil de los que salen del ITSC no nos es util, la formacion y el tipo de a donde han llevado a sus estudiantes no es ideal para el mundo de nosotros.
Michael Leahy, general secretary of ITSC, said: ``It's great news for the local community and our members who have suffered greatly recently.
The ITSC made some key decisions on two critical topics: IT lifecycle management and the future of the secure network on Hawaii," Volz said.
ITSC leader Mr Leahy said: "CORUS has tossed aside all our proposals and tossed aside the best interests of the workforce, the company, and the country.
1992 'Restructured ITSC closed to some bodies--standards cooperation'.
The Billion Dollar Babies committee includes co-chair BV Jagadeesh, Managing Partner at KAAJ Ventures; co-chair Raju Reddy, Advisor to Hitachi ITSC Global and global entrepreneur; Ashish Gupta, Senior Managing Director at Helion Venture Partners; Dinesh Katiyar, Partner at Accel Partners; Ash Lilani, Managing Partner at Saama Capital; and Manu Rekhi, Partner at Inventus Capital Partners.
Thermally Sprayed Ceramic Coatings on Flexible Fiber Woven Fabrics", Proceedings of the International Thermal Spray Conference, ITSC 2002, eds.