ITSDInformation Technology Services Division (Montana government)
ITSDInformation Technology Services Department
ITSDIndividual Training Support Directorate (Army Training Support Center, TRADOC, US Army)
ITSDInformation Technology Solutions Division (California)
ITSDIntelligent Transportation Systems Division (State Highway Administration; Maryland)
ITSDInterrupted Time-Series Design (research approach)
ITSDInformation Technology Service Delivery (various organizations)
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In the following section, we describe a small (n = 5) pilot treatment development study in which we preliminarily evaluated the ITSD treatment.
However, Digite Enterprise not only provided the scalability and breadth of functionality ITSD was seeking, but cost significantly less than other options.
ITSD will call this project portfolio management solution Montana Projects Online (MPO) when it is fully deployed.
To achieve these ends through innovation and excellence, ITSD will deploy the best in proven information technologies.
In an effort to provide widespread offices with access to key human resource, financial and other applications in the PeopleSoft applications, ITSD implemented the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal to enable centralized access and management.
Maintenance of equipment and technical support to communications systems IP Network ITSD and corporate CPD ADIF.