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En la tabla 8 se resumen los valores obtenidos para Mp y ITSE con los diferentes controladores.
u] Empirico 0,0814 0,9493 6,0000 AG 0,2408 0,8796 2,4739 PSO 0,2921 0,8095 2,5493 COA 0,2745 1,8304 2,7452 Metodo de Parametro respuesta Indice de desempeno ajuste SVC Mp (%) ITSE Empirico 0,418 0,0003597 AG 0,409 0,0003069 PSO 0,409 0,0002677 COA 0,409 0,0002374 Fuente: elaboracion propia Tabla 6.
3] are the weight value of ITSE, output of PID controller, and rate of system error, respectively.
I have always said it just takes one person to give me a chance to show my true potential and ITSE gave me that chance.
Although the ITSE performance criterion weights errors with time, the derivation processes of the analytical formula are complex and time consuming.
When comparison groups are included, differences between ITSEs are examined qualitatively, but their data have generally not been quantitatively combined and subjected to tests of statistical inference.
Consequently, we undertook to (1) demonstrate the feasibility of quantitatively combining the information contained in parallel experimental and control ITSEs in order to measure the net effects of representative preventive reminders; (2) check the internal validity of this approach by comparing results with those obtained from applying logistic regression analysis to individual-level data from the same experience; and (3) discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such "controlled time-series trials" (CTS Ts), especially regarding their potential conduct in mainstream practice settings that store claims and clinical data in computerized repositories.
According to IAE, ISE, ITAE, ITSE performance metrics fuzzy controller produces better response.
The optimum values of conventional controller gain values are obtained using ISE, ITSE and ITAE techniques.
The remarkable difference between both algorithms regarding ITSEs indicates that the BSO technique is more efficient in determining the global best solution in the field of MIMO control system.
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