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ITSFInternational Table Soccer Federation
ITSFInnovative Technologies from Science Fiction for Space Applications (research study)
ITSFIndonesia Toray Science Foundation (Toray Industries, Inc.)
ITSFInternational Telecom Sync Forum (est. 2001)
ITSFInformation Technology Security Forum (American Petroleum Institute)
ITSFInsulin, Transferrin, Selenium, and Fibronectin (stem cell research)
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What we're discussing at ITSF 2013 is more than just technology, more than just networking, it's a blueprint, it's a design for the future of mobile backhaul networks, commented Nir Laufer, senior manager, Research and Development, ADVA Optical Networking.
The focus of this year's ITSF conference is addressing the standards and requirements for today's emerging timing technologies.
The evolution of carrier networks from TDM to Ethernet has created unique timing and synchronization challenges for the telecommunications industry," stated Charles Curry, ITSF Chairman.
Hartmut Roth, Managing Director and ITSF steering group member
Tim Frost, Principal Technologist and ITSF steering group member
Charlie Ferreira, business development director at Symmetricom and steering group member of the ITSF commented, "ITSF provides a unique opportunity for users to mingle with some of the world's top technology experts.
Over 100 of the world's experts in telecom, frequency and time are expected to attend ITSF.
ITSF 2006 will present a unique opportunity to share knowledge and network with the experts in the field from all areas of synchronization.
Charlie Ferreira, business development director at Symmetricom and steering group member of the ITSF commented, "A global technological revolution is currently underway in the telecommunications industry, the like of which has not been seen since black and white TV evolved to color in the 1960's.
ITSF members received their secret PIN numbers and passwords via email prior to the extended voting period.
On September 17, 1998, the Federal Communications Commission issued a sweeping Report and Order modifying the rules relating to the use of MDS and ITSF channels.
Although the Company has divested itself of a minority interest in one series of MDS channels in the Pacific Northwest, as well as its ownership of an MDS license in a very small area of North Carolina, since the initial Holt valuation, it has also acquired the options for up to 41 ITSF channels since that time.