ITSNInternational Tibet Support Network
ITSNInformation Technology Service, Nepal
ITSNInternational Technology Staffing Network (Canada)
ITSNIndependent Traditional Seminole Nation (Florida, USA)
ITSNItalian Telemetered Seismic Network (geology)
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Negative means imply the groups perceive the amount of usage for ITSN inversely.
The authors used immediacy, entertainment, social interaction, and self-expression as factors that gauged young consumers' perceptions of their usage of ITSN and compared the means of various demographic variables.
Further examining the use of ITSN among a wider variety of populations could also provide a more meaningful analysis of these habits.
One way to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the ITSN phenomenon as it relates to marketing strategy is to look at different approaches taken by marketers.
ITSN was founded in 2000 in an attempt to strengthen individual member organisations campaigning for human rights and self-determination in Tibet.