ITSRInstitute for Treatment and Services Research (National Development and Research Institutes, Inc.; New York, NY)
ITSRInformation Technology Services Request
ITSRInternational Technical Standards and Regulations (International Finance Corporation; Washington, DC)
ITSRImmunization Tracking System Repository
ITSRInformation Technology Strategic Research (US NASA)
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The ITSR govern the listing of SDNs under the program code [IRAN].
340) The ITSR explain, however, that such penalties shall not apply if the U.
314 of the ITSR has remained unchanged, and majority owned or controlled foreign subsidiaries remain outside the definition of "U.
For the air voids content and ITSR tests, specimens were compacted using Marshall Hammer with 75 blows per side and 25 blows per side, respectively.
Test results indicate that it is possible to meet the ITSR requirements using HMA with an aggregate blend composed with a glacially deposited aggregate.
a] and ITSR values, an optimal binder content was selected for each mixture type (4.
The revisions made under the ITSR state that specific licenses may be issued on a case-by-case basis for certain projects or activities designed to directly benefit the people of Iran.
545 (2012)) (providing under the reformed ITSR specific license authorization under a case-by-case basis for certain U.
the ITSR form the core of the Ivan sanctions regime.
the scope of the ITSR to cover foreign subsidiaries of U.
The ITSR is designed to permit banks to engage in such transactions
make the ITSR less of a burden on ordinary citizens.