ITTRInflatable Tubular Torso Restraint (Simula, Inc.)
ITTRInternational Thoracic Teaching Resource (medical education)
ITTRInternational Travel Trade Representations
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configuration, design an ITTR inflatable technology system for this
The inflated section of the ITTR absorbs and spreads the shock of a sudden impact, and prevents occupants from flailing around in the vehicle or from being ejected from it.
The ITTR inflates in an outward direction away from the occupant's body; therefore it is less aggressive than conventional airbags.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has already conducted a successful, preliminary evaluation of the ITTR in rollover tests.
The US Army's Tank- Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) has contracted with Simula to improve the safety of its heavy trucks by implementing many Simula safety options, the ITTR among them.
The ITTR is an advanced seat belt restraint system in which the shoulder belt inflates to offer increased occupant protection during a crash.