ITVNInteractive Television Networks, Inc (Irvine, California)
ITVNIn-Transit Visibility Network (military supplies tracking service)
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Interactive Television Networks conducts substantially all of its operations through ITVN, and substantially all of the operating assets related to the operations of its digital video internet distribution business are owned by ITVN.
NXP is working with leaders like ITVN to provide consumers with a device that offers specialized video programming on demand and at a lower cost.
In addition, this agreement will help drive our European business as we will be making MLBAM content available over ITVN to the more than one million U.
ITVN is making IPTV relevant to the everyday consumer by offering an increasing amount of linear and VOD programming available at affordable prices.
ITVN is making television smarter by offering on demand access for soccer enthusiasts who may have to miss a match," said Charles Prast, CEO of ITVN.
ITVN leverages home broadband, an existing infrastructure, to bypass the massive costs of cable and satellite delivery.
In addition to the 15 recently launched Starz and Encore channels and up to 150 on demand movies per month, ITVN is excited to offer our subscribers classic films from Universal Pictures' extensive library as well as the most recently released theatrical hits," said Charles Prast, CEO of ITVN.
Partnership With Setanta Sports Delivers Live International Soccer and Rugby to ITVN Subscribers Nationwide
BULLETIN BOARD: ITTV) (ITVN) today confirmed the launch of ITVN (Europe) S.
Leading Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Provider Grows Into Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan With ITVN Asia
Additionally Genesis has secured a contract with ITVN, a broadcast network, for transmission from Warsaw to Rogers Cable in Toronto.