ITVNInteractive Television Networks, Inc (Irvine, California)
ITVNIn-Transit Visibility Network (military supplies tracking service)
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NXP is working with leaders like ITVN to provide consumers with a device that offers specialized video programming on demand and at a lower cost.
ITVN owns or controls all aspects of its business from content licenses, management, billing, and streaming software to the set-top-box installed in the consumer's home.
ITVN addresses this market with a complete product solution that will provide a range of affordable content on demand including news, music, broadcast entertainment and web media, as well as on-screen viewing and management of personal media including photos and videos.
ITVN leverages home broadband, an existing infrastructure, to bypass the massive costs of cable and satellite delivery.
Our credit and debit card business is growing again and our investment in ITVN allows our shareholders a major stake in a fully operational Internet-based television network with thousands of paying subscribers.
Completion of acquisition of up to 25% of ITVN, Inc.