ITWCIronman Triathlon World Championship
ITWCInternational Technical Writing Competition (Society for Technical Communication; Arlington, VA)
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This selection, financial details of which were not available, is reportedly helping ITWC to reduce software costs by 25% and nearly triple revenue from its company-sponsored webinar programme.
We look forward to combining our polyurethanes research and applications expertise with ITWC to expand our global reach in the cast elastomers market.
Iowa-based ITWC offers cast elastomer polyurethane systems and polyester polyols.
Country: USASector: ChemicalsTarget: ITWC IncBuyer: BASF SEVendor: Walt SmithType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: ClosedBuyer advisor: CDI Global
ITWC * Keystone * Mallard Creek Polymers * Myers Corp.
ITWC * Keystone * Mallard Creek Polymers * Momentive Performance Materials * Myers Corp.
Huntsman * Inchem * Ineox Color * ITWC * Kingyorker * Mississippi Lime * Koster Keunen LLC * Momentive Performance Materials * Nuplex Resins * Rhodia * PPG * Sartomer * Solutia * Specialty Minerals Inc.
Arch Chemical * Bomar Specialties * Burgess * Cargill * Chimista * Clariant * Cytec * Degan * Elementis * Deltech * Huntsman * Ishizuka * ITWC, Inc.