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Based on the OWA and the ITWD operators, we define an interval 2-tuple ordered weighted distance (ITOWD) operator as follows.
T], then the ITOWD becomes the ITND; if the position of [mathematical expression not reproducible] is the same as the ordered position of [mathematical expression not reproducible], then the ITWD is obtained.
Clearly, the fundamental characteristic of the ITWD operator is that it considers the importance of each given interval 2-tuple distance, whereas the fundamental characteristic of the ITOWD operator is the reordering step, and it weights all the ordered positions of the interval 2-tuple distances instead of weighting the given interval 2-tuple distances themselves.
T], then the ITHWD is reduced to the ITWD operator.
In this example, we consider the interval 2-tuple maximum distance, the interval 2-tuple minimum distance, the ITND, the ITWD, the ITHWD, the ITOWD, the ITOWGD, the ITOWHD, the ITOWED, and the ITOWCD operators.