IUATLDInternational Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (also seen as IUAT)
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Judith Mackay of World Lung Foundation and IUATLD, +011-852-2719-1995, or Marta Seoane of World Health Organization, +011-412-2791-2489
Lilly will host a Satellite Symposium, "The Lilly MDR-TB Partnership: Coming Together to Fight TB Resistance," at the IUATLD meeting.
Global Alliance for TB Drug Development Convenes Multiple Stakeholders For Briefing on Data Presented at IUATLD and ICAAC
Second IUATLD study on complications induced by intradermal BCG vaccination.
The WHO/ IUATLD Global Project on Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Resistance Surveillance.
Drug-resistant tuberculosis; review of the world- wide situation and the WHO/ IUATLD Global Surveillance Project.