IUAVIstituto Universitario Architettura Venezia (Italy)
IUAVIntelligent Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (Worldwide Universities Network; various locations)
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A more balanced indicator of the ratio between the total number of the students of architecture and that of PhD students shows that BUW, LLU, RTU and IUAV have a higher proportion of students joining PhD studies than those studying at KTU and VGTU.
The BUW and IUAV cases are a perfect proof for this idea (see Table 1), whereas having one or several theses presented for defence every month as at BUW and IUAV sets it into a common process differently from the occasional procedure of having one or two theses per year as at KTU, RTU or VGTU.
This in-depth examination of the document is the result of a collaborative effort between historians and scholars at the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana and the CIRCE at Venice's IUAV University.
Mobile Design--Laura Bordin,"Heart Lift," IUAV University of Venice, Italy
Each artist has created his own catalogue, really a fanzine, in collaboration with the Fondazione Claudio Buziol in Venice, which along with Universita Iuav, the mountain community, and other local associations made the exhibition possible.
Some of the papers were originally presented at a 2003 workshop held at IUAV University in Venice, Italy.
Installation Design: a team led by Margherita Rubini of Universita IUAV di Venezia in Italy.
A quite different set of concerns prompted the organizers of "Bruce Nauman: Topological Gardens" to extend its reach from the United States pavilion, located within the grounds of the Giardini, to two additional sites closer to the historic center of the city: the Universita Iuav di Venezia at Tolentini and the Universita Ca' Foscari.
In the Mobile Design category, the winner was a team led by Valentina Venza of the University IUAV of Venice in Italy, and the finalists were Chia-Ying Lin of Parsons The New School for Design in New York City, and Marc Osswald of University of Applied Sciences and Design in Schwabian Gmund in Germany.
The curators also confirm that the show will be organized around three formal categories--"Fountains and Neon," "Heads and Hands," and "Sounds and Space"--and distributed between the Universita Iuav di Venezia at Tolentini and the Universita Ca' Foscari, in addition to the pavilion.
I have been teaching at Iuav for five years, and Michael suggested I think about my experience at the university as we worked on the project.