IUCIntrauterine Contraception
IUCInformation Unit for Conventions
IUCIndustrial Union Council (American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations)
IUCInterview Under Caution
IUCInterval Usage Code (DOCSIS)
IUCInterconnect User Charge
IUCImmediate Unit Commander
IUCInitial Unemployment Claims (economics)
IUCInitial User Capability
IUCInternational Underwater Contractors, Inc.
IUCIndependent User Center
IUCInterface Unit Comparator
IUCIntelligent and Ubiquitous Computing
IUCInternational University Cooperation (UNESCO)
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The initiative crystallized in mid-December, after Bruce Johnson and two members of the IUC Executive Committee met with Wayne Struble, an aide to Governor Kasich.
In the past, revision of the IUC regime has been undertaken on a regular basis with an interval of two to three years.
Together, we have revolutionized training for IUC placement and improved quality of patient care.
We have long been trying to get Afghan universities IUC membership.
Historical administrative data from the first year of the IUC training academies (FY 1991-92) were matched with those child welfare workers who were still working with DCFS in October 2010.
According to a statement released by IUC, the hospital where doctors from member countries would be assigned would admit patients in October the latest.
The IUC will enable Calit2 at UC San Diego to further its mission and strategic plan to extend its influence and reach into innovations in wireless technology in academia and industry.
The IUC offers a multidisciplinary program focusing on issues related to international life and health insurance, risk selection, and doing business internationally.
3) However, according to the recent survey, 43 percent of women either were unaware or did not believe that an IUC is a cost-effective form of contraception.
The XY coordinate registers and magnetic field information for each Hall-sensor element are transmitted over the IUC interface to the host processor.
Using cutting- edge technologies pioneered by IUC, we are bridging two-year and graduate education with a program that provides critical management skills in the area of business communications," Jones noted.
Procuring organization or the secretary Purchasing Implementing Noord hereinafter IUC North.