IUCrInternational Union of Crystallography
IUCRIndustry/University Cooperative Research (National Science Foundation)
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We are proud to partner with the IUCr and UNESCO to promote these important initiatives.
Agilent is supporting a number of key IYCr2014 initiatives, including IUCr-UNESCO OpenLab and the IUCr "Crystallography in Everyday Life" photo competition.
Two-thirds of the 323 companies participating in the IUCR are small businesses.
Bruker AXS will also demonstrate a fully functional SMART X2S at IUCr 2008 (XXI Congress of International Union of Crystallography, www.
2] specimen used here was prepared for the CPD and IUCR size round robin by Louer and Audebrand [33].
But by 1992 the IUCr Ad Interim Commission on Aperiodic Crystals wrote "by 'crystal' we mean any solid having an essentially discrete diffraction pattern, and by 'aperiodic crystal' we mean any crystal in which three-dimensional lattice periodicity can be considered to be a bsent" (9).
An international round- robin project was conceived during the 1981 IUCr meeting in Ottawa, Canada.
Third, neither the IUCr nor the ACA has the resources to support a long term commitment to produce and maintain an SRM to supply a broad community of commercial, academic, and government needs.
Among its key objectives, the IUCr facilitates international publication of crystallographic research including ten primary journals.
The company will participate in a number of European trade shows this year, including Analytica 2002 in Munich, ICCBM9 in Jena, and IUCR in Geneva.