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Psalm 76: Notus in Iudea A; In Iudeae I; In Iudas Q, In Iuda D; In Iudaea N; In Iudea C; In Iudaea demum verus ille Deus quis sit intelligitur .
Was Iudas Christes master, because he bare the purs Nay rather of all, he was least regarded, Haue not men of honor, Stewards to disburse: All such summes of mony, wherwith they be charged: Yet aboue their maister their honor is not enlarged: Euen so, thee Auarice, my Steward I account, To pay that whereto my charges amount.
1] and the Omeliario which are alien to the pre-Tridentine Roman text include: 1:5 |inimici illius locupletati'; 1:8 |Peccatum peccavit Iudas et Israel'; 1:9 |inimicus meius'; 2:10 |consperserunt cinere capita sua virgines Ierusalem' (i.
Quando bonum faris et in corde malum meditataris, Oscula que Iudas Domino dedit hec tu michi das.
Methocht Iudas with mony ane Iow Tuik blissit Iesu our saluatour, And schot him furth with mony ane schow, With schamefull wourdis of dishonour.