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IULAInstitut Universitari de Lingüística Aplicada (Catalan)
IULAInternational Union of Local Authorities
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Anthony is now the number two person in the IULA leadership, acting in collaboration with Councillor Alan Lloyd of Swansea (Wales), representing the United Kingdom, who was elected to the IULA Presidency.
NLC's Executive Director, Don Borut, serves as the chief staff executive for the North American regional section within IULA.
First, IULA and FMCU merged, forming United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) with headquarters in Barcelona.
Anyone wishing to obtain more information or to register should contact Sandra Jackson at the IULA Congress Secretariat in Toronto at 416-393-8673.
The conference is the first step toward the development of a Global Program for Women in Local Government, which is being created by IULA.
IULA is a global network of municipal governments and national municipal associations such as the National League of Cities (NLC).
Those interested in more information, or to register, can go to the IULA website, www.
and vice president of IULA e-mailed in response to a colleague in England .
Anthony was elected to the second-highest post at IULA during its 35th World Congress held last month in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.