IUNIndiana University Northwest (Gary, IN, USA)
IUNIunius (Latin: June)
IUNIntelligent Utility Network (IBM)
IUNIlmenauer Uni Nachrichten (German: Ilmenau University News)
IUNImmediate Upstream Neighbor
IUNInternational University of Nescience (Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic)
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Working together, IUN and ISP created a partnership in which they met the needs of both students and an underserved population.
In this uncertain economic time, when people are making fewer dental appointments, the dental hygiene department at IUN has found a unique way to help their dental hygiene students meet their clinical competency requirements by forming a collaborative relationship with ISP.
Once IUN and ISP agreed to work together, they formalized the arrangement with a written contract, and an IUN faculty member was assigned to the prison site.
In addition, Frazee and his assistant, Jennifer Johns, BA, came to IUN to inform the second-year dental hygiene students of prison policies and regulations and to answer student questions.
For more information about the Global IUN Coalition, please visit here.
Energy and utility providers are continually looking for ways to better maintain the stability and security of their existing systems so they can better service customers and maintain operational efficiency," said Doug Scheller, Global IUN Smart Metering Solution Leader, Energy and Utilities Industry, IBM.
Based on a sample of 787 youth incarcerated at Camp Summit over a six month period (April 2003 through September 2003), the ethnic background of youth seen by IUN students are as follows: 42 percent African American, 51 percent Caucasian, and seven percent Other.
While IUN is an extremely diverse campus, and many of our students are comfortable in a diverse atmosphere, this does not necessarily mean that they understand and appreciate differences.
Myers RJK, Plam CA, Cuevas E, Gunatilleke IUN, Brossard M (1994) The synchronization of nutrient mineralization and plant nutrient demand.