IURCIndiana Utility Regulatory Commission
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NIPSCO'sfirst electric rate case in five years was filed with the IURC on Oct.
We will strive to build a long term relationship as an outstanding corporate citizen and community partner in Henry County and Indiana, and we will comply with the conditions established by the IURC.
In Indiana, where energy costs are relatively low when compared to the Midwest and the nation, NIPSCO has held the line on electric rate increases better than any other Indiana utility during the last decade, according to the IURC annual residential bill surveys.
IURC reports show that 46 CLECs are providing local service in the state (although more than four times as many are licensed to do so), primarily in the larger cities.
The committee will issue recommendations to the IURC no later than Jan.
exposure to interest rate and third party credit risks), the additional regulatory oversight by the IURC creates a level of uncertainty with regards to the system's financial profile.
However, citing case law supporting the IURC's ability to protect public welfare during emergency events notwithstanding the interference of contracts, the IURC expressly disallowed these costs, forestalling any decision on Veolia's prior expenditures until the permanent rate hike proceedings and mandating that the department work with Veolia to find ways to reduce operational expenditures to 2008 levels.
The Court reversed the IURC approval based on only one provision in the contract, namely the definition of retail end use customer, which they found in conflict with the statute.
In the first week of November, the company had 8,441 pending repair and installation orders, according to the IURC.
The system's board of directors has independent rate-setting authority from the city, although rates are subject to approval by the IURC and achieving timely rate relief in recent years has been problematic.
The unrefuted testimony in the IURC consideration of the IFA-IG contract is that the nominal value of the plant at the end of the contract is $4.