IURTCIndiana University Research Technology Corporation
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This partnership is another way for IURTC to help move technologies along the development process," said IURTC President Tony Armstrong.
The company has exclusive rights to develop and market certain drug candidates in the therapeutic area of metabolic diseases under a license agreement with IURTC and sponsors ongoing research at IU.
IURTC stimulates growth in Indiana's technology sectors by helping companies develop commercially viable technology with the ultimate goal of creating jobs and growing the state's economy.
For example, Prosolia served as a subcontractor for a government grant that came through the incubator and was able to draw on the resources of Phycotransgenic, another life sciences company at the IURTC that provided expertise on growing bacterial cultures.
Clarient's agreement to license FOXA1 from IURTC provides for another strong marker to help identify these luminal A subtypes.