IUSSImmediate-Use Steam Sterilization
IUSSInternational Union of Soil Sciences
IUSSIntegrated Undersea Surveillance System
IUSSIf You Say So
IUSSInstitute for Advanced Study (also seen as IAS)
IUSSIntegrated Underwater Surveillance System
IUSSIntegrated Unit Simulation System
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The IUSS guidelines that currently apply to public hospitals stipulate greater spacing requirements (20 or 25 [m.
Over a period from 2008 to 2012, a quality improvement project was carried out at our institution, trying to reduce the use of immediate use steam sterilization (IUSS, "flash sterilization") in operating rooms, as IUSS is a risk factor for surgical site infections.
On the other hand, and given that edaphic characteristics are an essential element with respect to the gypsophily phenomenon, definitions that IUSS Working Group WRB (2015) offers about gypsiferous soils or gypsisols as well as about the gypsic horizons were taken into account.
IUSS Working Group WRB: 2014, World Reference Base for Soil Resources 2014.
Los suelos acidos se clasificaron con base en los criterios propuestos por la IUSS Working Group WRB 2006.
El estudio se efectuo en un ensayo de produccion de cereales de secano, ubicado en una unidad homogenea de terreno, con un declive del 2%, en el sur de Portugal (37[grados] 59' N: 7[grados] 57' W), con clima mediterraneo, en un Chromic Vertisol, de acuerdo con la World Reference Base for Soil Resources WRBSR, de la IUSS Working Group WRB (2006), tipico de las condiciones edafoclimaticas mediterraneas.
Professor Snowden's attendance at the IUSS Committee follows on from the IET's recent "Does policymaking need science and engineering?
unanimously endorsed and adopted by the General Assembly of the IUSS at
Planning for the IYPE began in 2000; twelve-organizations--IUGS, IUGG, IGU, AGI, INQUA, AAPG, ILP, IUSS, ISRIC, GSL, TNO, and AIPG--were part of the initial effort to organize this special year for the Earth sciences and became Founding Partners.
In 1974 The IUSS published a brochure entitled Corporal punishment: the brutal facts, in which they attempted to quantify the use of corporal punishment in the nation's primary, secondary, and vocational schools.
The IUSS is a constructive force-on-force model for assessing the combat worth of systems and subsystems for both individual and small-unit dismounted warriors in high-resolution combat operations.