IUUIllegal, Unregulated or Unreported (fish piracy)
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Today s workshop ensures UK companies are aware of, and adhere to, the requirements of IUU legislation and understand the risks associated with insuring vessels which participant in unlawful fishing.
Taken together with FAO's 2009 Agreement on Port State Measures, which works to prevent entry into ports by IUU fishing vessels and therefore block the flow of IUU-caught fish into national and international markets, these guidelines will provide a potent tool to combat IUU fishing in the coming decades," Mathiesen said.
With depleting fish stocks and tightening competition among privately-run entities engaged in fishing, countries with large fishing areas are in increasing need to tighten regulations against illegal or IUU fishing.
A new report by the group Secure Fisheries, called Securing Somali Fisheries unveils new satellite data showing that foreign IUU fishing vessels are now catching three times more fish than Somalis.
It is significant that the new West African Code of Conduct Concerning the Repression of Piracy, Armed Robbery Against Ships, and Illicit Maritime Activity in West and Central Africa, (40) while using the Djibouti Code of Conduct as a model, requires member states to cooperate to the fullest possible extent in the "repression of transnational organized crime in the maritime domain, maritime terrorism, IUU fishing and other illegal activities at sea.
and elsewhere are requiring that seafood they purchase either meet tractability requirements to prevent IUU [(illegal, unreported, and unregulated)] fish from entering the supply chain, or come from MSCcertified fisheries, in which case they must meet certain criteria, or both.
Section 609 of the Moratorium Protection Act addresses IUU fishing activity.
Hence it is not surprising that while the issues of sovereignty, security and IUU finds considerable interest in many fishing fora, seminars and discussions in South Asia - aspects related to the usage of technology and over harvesting for sustainable fishing, empowerment of poor small-scale fishermen, do not receive the attention they deserve.
High schools with IUU or so students don't automatically replace the Gatorade national quarterback of the year, the guy who led the school's football program to three straight state championships and the fellow who hopes to take over for last year's Heisman Trophy winner at Auburn.
Should a member not comply with the SEAFO Convention or Convention Measures, it is placed on the organisation's IUU vessels list as a punitive measure.