IUUIllegal, Unregulated or Unreported (fish piracy)
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Given the multidisciplinary format of South-East Asian cooperation in fisheries, the participants identified the need to form a coordinating body for collecting and processing information to combat IUU fishing, as well as building a system for coordinated sustainable use of fishery resources, similar to regional fisheries management organizations.
Traceability measures like the ones SIMP establishes are an internationally accepted method for combating IUU fishing and seafood fraud, and will help facilitate legal trade for law-abiding fishers and seafood producers in the US and abroad.
The FISH-i is a programme by Comoros, Seychelles, Somalia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique and Tanzania to combat IUU through information-sharing and enforcement.
Operating without proper authorization, catching protected species, using outlawed types of gear or disregarding catch quotas are among the most common IUU fishing activities.
Each year, IUU fishing is responsible for annual catches of up to 26 million tonnes, with a value of up to USD 23 billion.
According to the Secure Fisheries' report, eliminating IUU fishing today would enable Somalia to begin to licence and sell commercially valuable tuna sustainably, generating up to $17mn per year.
With depleting fish stocks and tightening competition among privately-run entities engaged in fishing, countries with large fishing areas are in increasing need to tighten regulations against illegal or IUU fishing.
The Southern Ocean is one such vast space and it attracts its fair share of IUU fishing.
Today's decision represents a massive breakthrough in combating IUU fishing, which not only puts marine ecosystems at risk but undermines any effort undertaken at the national, regional or international level to manage fisheries in a sustainable manner," FAO Assistant Director-General for Fisheries and Aquaculture Arni Mathiesen said.
6) This note evaluates the benefits and shortcomings of the PSMA and concludes that it is unlikely the legislation will substantially mitigate the occurrence of IUU fishing worldwide.
The paper argues that the three new arrangements augment cooperation between Southeast Asian states, but they are still too immature and low-key to change the way these states prevent cross-border IUU fishing.
The IUU classes represent the B-note rakes of three separate loans, Intel Corporate Building, U Haul 26 Portfolio, and U Haul SAC Portfolio.