IVACIslington Voluntary Action Council (England, UK)
IVACIllinois Vaccine Awareness Coalition (Oak Park, IL)
IVACIndus Valley Ayurvedic Centre (Karnataka, India)
IVACIndependent Venezuelan American Citizens
IVACInsert Valid Access Card (satellite TV hacking)
IVACInter-Varsity AIDS Conference (University Malaya; Malaysia)
IVACInternational Video & Audio Convention
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The Indian banking major State Bank of India (SBI) has been appointed as the official agent of the High Commission of India to manage visa applications from the latest IVAC facility point, revealed a visa advisory message.
The IVAC does not have nor has authorised any person/organisation to act on its behalf in Bangladesh.
IVAC has been specially designed in collaboration with customers and offers users all the advantages of conventional pneumatic control in a single actuator package.
Flow control is built into the actuator end caps, so there is no protrusion to trap dirt or organic matter, Like most cylinders, the IVAC incorporates pneumatic cushioning at the end of the stroke to minimize impact with the end cap.
As a combined force Nilfisk and CFM will be the largest supplier of products in the IVAC sector and the division will be working to a [pounds sterling]3m budget in year one with ambitious plans for the launch of new product lines and further growth.
Pennie said: "I was in the Courtyard Suite at the Walsgrave myself receiving treatment and it made me aware of the need for more IVAC pumps.
IVAC, a subsidiary owned by Eli Lilly, was a former client of Sancoff, the medical equipment designer.
Drawing upon expertise and faculty from around the School, IVAC aims to create a convergence of the right vaccines in the right health systems, ensuring that millions more children will have the chance to grow into healthy, productive adults.
Indeed, it is estimated that replacing traditional pipework and connections with IVAC technology can reduce energy usage by up to 40 percent, depending on the application.
The IVAC product is capable of cutting energy consumption by up to 50 percent when compared to more conventional pneumatic systems, while the weight and space optimised system delivers Engineering Advantage through its capabilities as an integrated unit, combining pilot and control valves, flow controls, cushioning and sensors into a single actuator package.
No mechanical design changes are required, as IVAC products conform to the latest ISO VDMA dimensions.
IVAC is a weight and space optimised actuator, suitable for a range of bore sizes from 40mm to 80mm, featuring integrated valve and magnetically operated switches for complete actuator control.