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IVANInteractive Voice Answering Network
IVANInternational Value-Added Network (Sprint)
IVANIter Vehemens Ad Necem (game)
IVANInternet Verification Affiliate Network (online verification system; Accurate Background, Inc.; Lake Forest, CA)
IVANIntra-Vehicular Area Network
IVANIndiana Victim Assistance Network
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Still Ivan doubted, and ordered two of his Slavonian hunters to go up alone.
The guns were lowered from Negore's breast and Ivan gave the order for his men to go forward.
Look with all thine eyes, strange brother, and see if the way be clear, for Ivan is not minded this time to wait while men go up before.
And they started up, Ivan and his forty men from the far lands beyond the Sea of Bering.
He still breathed the air, which bit his lungs with a painful sweetness; and dimly he saw and heard, with passing spells of blindness and deafness, the flashes of sight and sound again wherein he saw the hunters of Ivan falling to their deaths, and his own brothers fringing the carnage and filling the air with the tumult of their cries and weapons, and, far above, the women and children loosing the great rocks that leaped like things alive and thundered down.
And when the great Ivan fell across his legs, hurled there lifeless and crushed by a down- rushing rock, he remembered the blind eyes of Old Kinoos and was glad.
Ivan here will tell you anything more you want to know; I must get to business and write to the authorities.
Only one more thing, I think, sir," said Ivan, wrinkling up his grey old face, "but that's important, too, in its way.
The explanatory Ivan stopped, for the excellent reason that nobody was listening to him.
The absurdity of Brown's remark moved Ivan to open taunts.
Gleb Alekseenko (Ukr), Ivan Ponomarenko (Russia) and Lopez Perez (Esp), Lozan Kristian (Russia) have also reached in the men's double final event.
Saint Ivan of Rila is traditionally regarded as the founder of the Rila Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Bulgaria's most important cultural, historical and architectural monuments.