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IVASInternational Veterinary Acupuncture Society
IVASInnovative Ventricular Assist System
IVASInternet Value-Added Service
IVASInward Voice Activated Services
IVASIntracorporeal Ventricular Assist System (heart pump)
IVASInternational Value-Added Services (Sprint)
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NOTE TO EDITORS: Harbinger and the Harbinger logo are registered trademarks and TrustedLink and IVAS are trademarks of Harbinger Corporation.
TrustedLink IVAS is a suite of software that enables a service provider or large enterprise to provide enhanced E-Commerce applications, services and communications to all trading partners regardless of their level of E-Commerce sophistication.
TrustedLink IVAS provides all of the document management and related EDI translation services.
The Harbinger IVAS EC Gateway is the first comprehensive communications solution that lets each trading partner conduct business electronically over the Internet regardless of its level of EC sophistication.
IVAS Administration System - includes system-level applications
BellSouth, an investor in Harbinger NET Services LLC, was selected to provide Internet services in its nine-state region as well as Harbinger's redundant T-1 service for Web hosting on the IVAS.