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IVCIrvine Valley College (California)
IVCInferior Vena Cava
IVCImperial Valley College
IVCInteractive Videoconferencing
IVCIllinois Virtual Campus
IVCInter-Vehicle Communications
IVCIgnatian Volunteer Corps (Baltimore, Maryland)
IVCInspiratory Vital Capacity
IVCInterfaith Volunteer Caregivers (of Greater Bridgeport)
IVCInter-Varsity Club (UK; est. 1947)
IVCInstallation Volunteer Coordinator
IVCInland Valley Consortium (aka Consortium for Sustainable Use of Inland Valleys)
IVCIntegrated Visual Computing
IVCIntravenous Cholangiography
IVCIntermediate Velocity Cloud
IVCIntermediate Velocity Cloud (galactic cloud composed of atomic hydrogen travelling at low velocities)
IVCInvoluntary Commitment
IVCInternet Voice Chat
IVCChief Investigator (USCG Rating)
IVCIntraventricular Catheter
IVCIn-Vision Continuity
IVCIdentity Verification Certificate
IVCInternet Video Communication
IVCIndirect Vector Control
IVCinternal value creation
IVCInteractive Voice Communication
IVCIndividual Vehicle Controller
IVCInstallation Volunteer Council
IVCIntegral of Viable Cell
IVCIncoming-switched Virtual Circuit (Nortel)
IVCIn-Vessel Component
IVCImmediately Vital Cargo
IVCInternal Venture Company
IVCInterexchange Virtual Circuit
IVCIntravascular Free-Floating Tumor Cluster
IVCIndus Valley Civilization (Bronze Age)
IVCInternational Venture Capital
IVCInternational Vacation Club (Dominican Republic)
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The IVC joint venture was formed in 2008 and principally supplies industrial coatings to the appliance and electronics-materials segments.
7 April 2017 - US-based coatings company PPG (NYSE: PPG) has purchased the remaining 50% ownership interest in its Asian joint venture comprising IVC (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and IVC-OPS (Singapore) Pte.
IVC President & CEO Steven Dai commented, "IVC is very excited to be able to serve and help build the businesses of Perrigo's vitamin customers.
IVC inspiration measurements were statistically significantly correlated with CVP measurements (p0.
Duplication of IVC was noted with the left-sided IVC being predominant [Figure 1, 2, 3].
As well, many centers are adopting the laparoscopic approach for tumors with a thrombus extending to the infra-hepatic IVC and the supra-hepatic IVC.
This paper presents a case review of an incidental finding of left IVC associated with retroaortic left inferior renal vein, in a female patient undergoing CT staging for breast carcinoma.
More recently, Jeanne Drisko, MD, and Qi Chen, PhD, have been conducting in-depth research on IVC use as a cancer treatment, according to an August/September 2014 Townsend Letter article (available online).
Ultrasound of inferior vena cava (IVC) is a tool that can provide a rapid and non-invasive means of gauging preload and the need for fluid resuscitation3 Few studies in past have shown correlation between CVP and IVC measurements4 This non invasive rapid measurement of CVP is especially important in critical care settings.
The Bengal retrieval system embodies a re-thinking of the IVC filter retrieval problem, "said Frank Becking, co-founder of Ihnthera MedTech, "and provides Avantec Vascular with the opportunity to quickly launch a much-needed product in the IVC filter and endovascular retrieval space.
Contrast abdominopelvic CT showed an old complete thrombosis of the left common iliac vein, recent complete thromboses of the left venous junctions (external and internal iliac veins, common femoral deep and superficial veins, ascending lumbar vein and various presacral collaterals), dilated azygos vein, partial eccentric thrombosis of the IVC, approximately 18 mm lower than the flow level of the right renal vein, with a 5mm clot on a length of 27mm, with a reduced caliber on almost its entire length from the origin to the level of the caudate lobe.
Currently, the indications for IVC filter placement are therapeutic and prophylactic.