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IVCFIntervarsity Christian Fellowship
IVCFInferior Vena Caval Filter
IVCFIrvine Valley College Foundation (Irvine, CA)
IVCFIFCI (Industrial Finance Corporation of India) Venture Capital Funds (est. 1975)
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Once the reader comes to terms with the fact that there will be no serious probe of how, say, other Christian organizations or Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist student associations confront issues of race, the story of IVCF at CU is an insightful one.
The book recounts the history of IVCF and its "evolution from being [a] predominantly White group concentrating solely on supporting the religious needs of students to becoming a racially diverse organization that addressed both faith and race" and "shows how student subcultures can evolve to make diversity a priority.
It weaves in compelling personal narratives of IVCF member students who deal with an array of issues, from racial and ethnic minority students who feel isolated on campus and tokenized even when they are included in various efforts, to multiethnic students who struggle with issues of personal identity, to White students who seek to probe their minds and souls for any racist ideas they may harbor and to purge themselves of them.
One chapter analyzes the way IVCF rhetoric both separates and connects them to the world around them.
attempts to make sense of the strong belief in "Satan and the spiritual realm" he found among the IVCF students.
How does the European IVCF market compare to that of the US?
But usually on weekends I was busy speaking at YFC rallies and IVCF chapters.
In the summer of 1948 I sailed for Europe along with other Youth for Christ leaders to attend a World Congress on Evangelism, speak at YFC rallies, and attend IVCF student conferences.
I had met him at a student missionary conference sponsored by IVCF in Toronto in 1946.
The Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union (CICCU), founded in 1877, was the progenitor of IVCF.
The merger of the SFMF and IVCF occurred in November 1945.
The Crux Biomedical IVCF was designed to address the limitations of currently available vena cava filters including perforation, migration and inability to retrieve.