IVCIInternational Violin Competition of Indianapolis (est. 1982; Indianapolis, IN)
IVCIInternational Video Conferencing Inc
IVCIInferior Vena Cava Index
IVCIIntravenous Continous Infusion
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Total number of IVCI medications ordered was collected using the physician order entry system.
Developed by the nurse educators and clinical pharmacist, the workshop introduced a toolkit with laminated cards that identified common IVCI medications on medical-surgical units, five math formulas, and conversions for pound-to-kilogram and milligram-to-microgram.
All the medical-surgical units administered IVCI medications.
Heparin orders almost doubled from 2005 to 2007 (913, 1,328, 1,527), with heparin the only error-prone medication for IVCI category C or greater in 2007.
The study was limited to IVCI medication errors of severity Category C or greater to investigate the errors that reached the patient.
The focused steps in IVCI medication administration also were welcomed by staff.
A review of specific IVCI medications showed all medical-surgical units had been administering IVCI medications historically associated with critical care settings.
While severity level error category C and higher medication errors decreased 2005-2007, an increase in IVCI orders was noted on medical-surgical units.
An IVCI medication competency has been implemented for all medical-surgical nurses, with a focus on anticoagulants, math, and IVCI skills.