IVCSInternational Venture Capital Summit
IVCSIndian Volunteers for Community Service (UK based charity)
IVCSIntegrated Voice Communications System
IVCSIntravenous Conscious Sedation
IVCSIliac Vein Compression Syndrome
IVCSInner Vapor Cooled Shield
IVCSSenior Chief Investigator (USCG Rating)
IVCSInter-Vehicular Communication Systems
IVCSIntrapelvic Venous Congestion Syndrome
IVCSInterior Voice Communication System
IVCSInternal Voice Communication System
IVCSIndividually Ventilated Caging System
IVCSIntegrated VME Communication System
IVCSInterior Voice Communications Switch
IVCSIllinois Valley Computer Solutions
IVCSInstituut voor Vocale Communicatie Strategieën (Dutch: Institute of Vocal Communication Strategies)
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In 1965, Cockett and Thomas [sup][3] associated clinical symptoms with the pathological characteristics of this disorder and treated 57 patients suffering from acute iliofemoral DVT caused by IVCS.
The incidence of IVCS is still controversial and its definition is also unclear.
A compression degree ≥50% and the occurrence of target events were used to diagnose IVCS.
Cox univariate and multivariate regression analyses were performed to identify independent risk factors predicting the incidence of IVCS.
Dr Graham Cross, technical director at Farfield Photonics, said: "We are delighted to have been accepted to present our technology to possible interested investors at IVCS.
We are already getting very positive indicators from VC enterprises in the UK and are convinced that those at the IVCS event itself will be excited by the idea behind the business.
Bernie Callaghan, a director of the Data Corporation, which is part of the Leighton group, said: "The IVCS is a well-established international event and competition for places is very strong.
Underscoring its exhibit theme, The Value of Integration, TRW's IVCS integrates multiple products from the company's broad technology portfolio, which was expanded through the global supplier's 1999 acquisition of LucasVarity plc.
The electronic control found in today's VSC and EAS systems provides the perfect foundation to use IVCS software to optimize the functionality of each system and to provide new functions through integration," Bogart said.
Badawy, TRW vice president, engineering, steering and suspension, by melding its building block approach to IVCS with its growing expertise in modular chassis systems, TRW is driving the evolution of the ultimate advanced integrated vehicle control system module.
With IVCS, TRW takes integration to the next level, incorporating onboard control systems, including occupant safety, collision avoidance, navigation, and intelligent transportation.
What's more, future generations of TRW IVCS will be embedded in intelligent chassis modules and will enable control of all the primary subsystems that affect the dynamic behavior of a vehicle.