IVCTIntake Variable Cam Timing (Ford Motor Co.)
IVCTin vitro contracture test
IVCTIntervalence Charge Transfer
IVCTInferior Vena Cava Thrombosis
IVCTIntraventricular Conduction Time
IVCTIn Vitro Chemosensitivity Testing (cancer treatment research)
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Featuring patient-centered design, broad connectivity and unmatched scalability, IVCT was built for the evolving value-based era, exemplified by ACOs, managed care and bundled payment initiatives.
IVCT is part of an integrated suite of LGCNS' healthcare solutions that realize the growing benefits of real-time, proactive monitoring in a distributed healthcare delivery system.
Both IVCT and CICR are functional tests of muscle reaction following exposure to [Ca.
Reports of discordance between mutations and IVCT phenotype have called into question the causal role of some RYR1 mutations (31-33), although the lack of specificity of the IVCT (34-37) or the presence of additional MH mutations (31, 37, 38) may account for some discrepancies.
The mutation segregated with MHS and MHN IVCT results, as known, within the appropriate family.
An MHN result from in vitro calcium release assays in B lymphocytes, coupled with a mutation negative DNA test could feasibly be used in diagnosis, to replace or augment the IVCT, notwithstanding the contribution of other genes to MH.