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IVDSIntegrated Virus Detection System
IVDSInteractive Video Data Service
IVDSIndependent Variable Depth Sonar
IVDSIntegrated Voice and Data System
IVDSIntegrated Voice Distribution System
IVDSInstallation Vulnerability Determining System
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The IVDS company located in Houston, Texas, has added to Philips Voice Request market presence in the Southwest by becoming a reseller of Pure ReQuest
MammaPrint OncotypeDX List of Exhibits LIST OF EXHIBIT S CHAPTER ONE: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Figure 1-1 FDA Approvals of IVD Devices CHAPTER TWO: CMS AND PRIVATE INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT FOR IVDS Table 2-1 2013 CLFS Selected Test Codes Table 2-2 List of ICD Codes, 2013 Table 2-3 Laboratory NCDs, 2013 Table 2-4 New and Reconsidered CLFS Test Codes, 2013 (Excludes Molecular Pathology & Multi-Analyte Assays with Algorithmic Analyses) Table 2-5 2013 CLFS Gap-Fill Rates for Molecular Diagnostics Table 2-6 Recent IVD Device Approvals