IVEAIrish Vocational Education Association (Ireland)
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Firefly Medical CEO Patrick Bols says positive response to the IVEA is largely due to the way the equipment was designed.
Under this agreement we'll introduce the IVEA into key accounts, help them understand the product and nurture its implementation," says Race.
As we're out in the market sharing the IVEA with hospital clinicians and administrators, the most common comment we get is, 'I wish I'd thought of that
healthcare systems are currently seeking to implement the IVEA in their med-surg units, and a European launch is planned.
At a time when caregivers are continually pressured to do more with less, the IVEA makes it possible for one nurse to safely ambulate a patient, improving care for better outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.
As the company's debut product, the IVEA is poised to become the leading patient-mobility device, with market dominance in the U.
This move includes the creation of IVEA Technologies for products in eCommerce acceleration and performance enhancement, and the Digital Rights Management Group that focuses on hardware and software authentication and security products.