IVEXInstitut Valencià d'Exportación (Spainish: Valencian Worldwide Investment and Foreign Trade Agency)
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At that time, inspectors were critical of the IVEX dam, requiring the owners to provide a spillway capable of passing the PMF of 1640 [m.
9 m above the base of the spillway, impinging on the top of the dam (Larry Rohman, IVEX Corporation, written communication to the ODNR 1994).
The IVEX failure resembled other seepage piping failures.
The Ohio Geological Survey's inspection of the IVEX reservoir following the dam failure revealed that the structure trapped about 236,000 [m.
Flood effects within the IVEX reservoir include erosion that occurred during the dam failure (Fig.
The initial storage capacity of the IVEX Reservoir was estimated as 274,000 [m.
The trapping efficiency of the IVEX dam is estimated at 67%, based upon the comparison of the sediment load trapped in the IVEX reservoir versus the lower reservoir, and the approximately 90% trapping efficiency of both structures acting together.
This may or may not impact dam safety, but in the case of the IVEX dam such conversion (hydropower to water supply) appears to coincide with less active dam maintenance.
In the case of the IVEX failure, the most serious damage downstream, long-term, is the influx of fine-grained sediment into the downstream reservoir.
The cost of rebuilding the IVEX dam was estimated at $1-2.
The failure of the IVEX dam on 13 August 1994 should have been anticipated, given its age, storage capacity loss, and history of management problems.