IVEXInstitut Valencià d'Exportación (Spainish: Valencian Worldwide Investment and Foreign Trade Agency)
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The IVEX dam was constructed in 1842, shortly after the immediate region was developed by European settlers.
The IVEX dam has partially or completely failed five times during its 152-year life history.
At that time, inspectors were critical of the IVEX dam, requiring the owners to provide a spillway capable of passing the PMF of 1640 [m.
9 m above the base of the spillway, impinging on the top of the dam (Larry Rohman, IVEX Corporation, written communication to the ODNR 1994).
The IVEX failure resembled other seepage piping failures.
The Ohio Geological Survey's inspection of the IVEX reservoir following the dam failure revealed that the structure trapped about 236,000 [m.
The IVEX Reservoir (Upper Mill Pond) is located near the Village of Chagrin Falls, on the Chagrin River, in northeastern Ohio (Figure 1).
137] analyses, based on its relatively homogeneous, fine grained texture, its low organic content, and lack of unconformities (with the exception of the 1877-1890 paleosol found in all IVEX reservoir cores).
137] peak for the IVEX core was determined as [+ or -] 3.
The combination of flood horizon and paleosol uniquely identifies this horizon as the result of the 1877 complete failure of the IVEX dam, followed by the 13 year hiatus (1877-1890) before the dam was rebuilt and the reservoir reflooded.
Land use changes in the Chagrin River drainage basin upstream of the IVEX Reservoir are also shown in Figure 7.
Because IVEX is an artificial reservoir, the presettlement (pre 1833) sediment yields are not known.