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IVF-ETIn Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer
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Among the four cases of SHiP, three patients had a history of severe endometriosis with Stage III-IV and two patients were conceived by IVF-ET.
05), mostly searched to ART and the causes of infertility, and visited the websites of IVF-ET centers and doctors.
Methods: In this prospective observational study, a total of 188 infertile women who underwent IVF-ET cycles were investigated.
12,13) The first successful case of human IVF-ET was reported by our group at Tohoku University in 1983.
2] with a new automated assay that could be used in random, continuous access mode and assessed its usefulness for monitoring ovulation stimulation for IVF-ET.
The first baby conceived by IVF-ET was born in 1978.
In patients with an EFI score ≥5 after 12 months from surgery, the cumulative PRs of those who received both surgery and IVF-ET were much higher than the spontaneous PRs of those who received surgery alone (?
INTRODUCTION: Ectopic pregnancy has been reported to occur in approximately 2-5% of all clinical pregnancies after IVF-ET.
Infertile patients with good response to controlled ovarian hyper-stimulation (COH) but with one or two unsuccessful IVF/ET attempts were treated at least 4 times by endometrial biopsy using a biopsy catheter (pipelle device) during the menstrual cycle, before the next IVF-ET cycle.
24) showed that super-ovulation with intrauterine insemination approached the fecundity of normal women, and equalled or exceeded that reported for IVF-ET and GIFT.
The aim of this study was to compare a manual solid-phase E2 RIA procedure (E2 Coatria-II) with an automated chemiluminescent method on the Immulite[R] system (Immulite E2 assay) in patients undergoing IVF-ET.