IVGPIn Vitro Gas Production (digestion)
IVGPIllinois Veterans Grant Program
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439 *** -0 499 *** IVGP, in vitro gas production; VFA, volatile fatty acid; IVOMD, in vitro organic matter digestibility; ME, metabolizable energy; EE, ether extract; CP, crude protein; NDF, neutral detergent fiber; ADF, acid detergent fiber; ADL, acid detergent lignin; TP, total phenol; TT, total tannin; CT, condensed tannin; HT, hydrolysable tannin .
Correlations were estimated to find out the relationship of different levels of tannins with IVDMD, IVOMD, IVCPD and IVGP.
Tannin concentration was negatively correlated with IVDMD, IVOMD, IVCPD and IVGP and IVDMD, IVOMD and IVCPD were positively correlated with IVGP (Table 5).