IVGTTIntravenous Glucose Tolerance Test
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IVGTT results showed that glucose levels were higher in obese pigs compared with the lean group at all time points (p<0.
In response to the IVGTT, similar to healthy people, insulin release from the pancreas in lean pigs underwent two phases.
B) Blood glucose (BG) changes during IVGTT in obese and lean pigs at 30 weeks.
For the IVGTT in the current study, all but the T2DM group showed insulin peaks at 2–4 min; the T2DM group showed a low insulin plateau and no insulin peaks.
Furthermore, this study demonstrated that the IVGTT could be used to assess first-phase insulin secretion and [sz]-cell function in TDM patients.
For the IVGTT, fasting blood glucose concentrations were determined (time interval 0) as previously described by Sinsigalli et al.
Thereafter the tests (OGTT and IVGTT) were reversed such that birds that were initially subjected to an OGTT were then subjected to an IVGTT and vice versa.
Data for weekly body mass, OGTT and IVGTT were analyzed using a repeated measures analysis of variance.
In the IVGTT, while diet had no effect on blood glucose concentration across the sampling time periods (Fig.
On analyzing the IVGTT of the different genders, the blood glucose concentration of the male quail on both the STD and HFD significantly peaked at 10 min post-infusion (P Less than 0.
Ayrica antikorlarin IVGTT sonuclari ile beraber degerlendirilmesi prediksiyon gucunu arttirmaktadir.