IVHMIntegrated Vehicle Health Management (aka Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring; US NASA)
IVHMIn Vessel Handling Machine (nuclear fuel rod for fast flux test facility)
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This report segments the multi-function display market on the basis of IVHM technology, sub-systems, aircraft type, and region.
There is a bullish trend towards the IVHM technology adopted by the market leaders, in this market.
For some time now we have wanted to make the identification, diagnosis and repair of problems in vehicles more efficient and IVHM holds the key to this," said Peter Foote, executive scientist at BAE Systems.
The full system is in early development stages, but key elements of IVHM are already being tested in defence vehicles.
Ms Goetz said: "With IVHM, the concept is tools, technology, hardware and software to enable fleet managers to predict the maintenance and repair needs, and ensure the operational readiness of both commercial and military platforms.
The IVHM technology dates back to 1991 when GE developed the world's first certified Health and Usage Monitoring System, HUMS, for helicopters.
It exhibits an in-depth analysis of the IVHM technologies, premium insights from the opinion leaders, along with, a detailed analysis of major countries from each region.
Cranfield University, in partnership with major industry partners (Boeing, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Meggitt, Thales, MoD, Alstom) and the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) launched the IVHM Centre at Cranfield in 2008.
How to calculate the return on investment of an IVHM system
In addition to the basic principles of the field, the text identifies how and where IVHM should be implemented, as well as a look at the commercial value of IVHM.
The committee will be a vital component for the creation and dissemination of data and concepts needed to progress the utilization of IVHM technology across the global aerospace industry.
IVHM Applications Using the Livingstone Model Based