IVHPInter Valley Health Plan
IVHPInternet ve Hukuk Platformu (Turkish: Internet and Law Platform)
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Additionally, IVHP had a very aggressive timeline and needed the system up and running within four months to coincide with the Facets go-live date.
After fully analyzing the legacy system, the Oleen and IVHP teams designed the new system and re-engineered the logic into a two-tier client/server environment.
The VB screens allow IVHP pharmacy staff to perform claims inquiries, monitor claims traffic and override system edits for select members and claims.
It allows IVHP to accept electronic claims from pharmacies and process them in real-time.
All of this gives IVHP a flexible, efficient and low cost method for processing pharmacy claims.
After a four-month development period, the pharmacy system was implemented in June 2000, and IVHP is now processing 120,000 claims per month.
In fact, IVHP estimates the per-claim cost under the new system at 2 cents.