IVIFIndice Valori Immobiliari Fiaip (Italian: Index Securities)
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The IFS and IVIFS have wide applications to analyze problems with uncertainty, including questions related to MADM.
2012) proposed a MADM method based on the IVIFS weighted averaging operator and a fuzzy ranking method for the IFS.
For convenience, the value of the IVIFS is denoted by [?
In this case, with reference to the theorem proposed by Bustince and Burillo's (1995), the scale is transformed into the equivalent IVIFS scale.
ODAA is specifically targeting data-acquisition cards that plug into PC expansion slots while IVIF targets traditional-type instruments combined into rack-and-stack systems.
IVIF is setting standards that describe whole instrument drivers.
While neither group has membership restrictions, IVIF members are predominantly measurement-system users.
IVIF is more concerned with functional test systems used in electronics manufacturing, which typically operate at higher speeds and measure voltages and currents directly.