IVJIrish Veterinary Journal
IVJInternational Ventures Japan
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It is conjectured that national origin and organizational culture play a significant role in the successful management of IVJs (Cyr, 1994).
In bringing together two organizational cultures to form a third culture, as in the case of IVJs, the new venture can take on characteristics of one of its parent cultures, or create a unique culture, bringing together elements of both parent cultures (Hofstede, 1991).
The symbols associated with these indicative NAVs are: IVA for the Australia Index Series, IVF for the France Index Series, IVG for the Germany Index Series, IVH for the Hong Kong Index Series, IVI for the Italy Index Series, IVJ for the Japan Index Series, IVR for the South Africa Index Series, IVK for the UK Index Series and IVU for the US Index Series.