IVMPInteragency Vegetation Mapping Project (USFS and US BLM)
IVMPIsla Vista Master Plan (Santa Barbara, CA)
IVMPImmunological Veterinary Medicinal Product
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Conclusion: In conclusion, pulse high-dose IVMP treatment enhances functional recovery in patients with acute relapses of RRMS.
However, there is no consensus on the optimal duration for treating relapses with IVMP (15,19).
The aim of this study was to investigate whether treating relapses with longer durations of IVMP therapy provides additional benefits by assessing effects on plasma cytokines and EDSS scores in patients with RRMS.
Laboratory analysis for the complete blood count and measuring lipid and serum fasting glucose levels and liver, renal, and thyroid function tests were performed prior to IVMP treatment.
EDSS scores significantly decreased in all 3 groups after IVMP treatments.
To our knowledge, this is the first study to compare the effects of IVMP treatments given for different durations in relapses of MS relapses by measuring changes in serum IL-10 and IL-12 levels.
None of our patients suffered from a serious complication related to IVMP treatment during the study.
Real-time information from IVMP gives managers a comprehensive view into their vegetation program so that they can perform the right maintenance at the right time while satisfying NERC regulations in the process.
IVMP lets utilities create year-by-year trimming plans for an entire service territory, allowing for more effective planning and dispatch of cycle work.
23) Further organized trials of pulsed long-term IVMP may be indicated.
For acute exacerbations it has mostly been replaced by IVMP