IVOMDIn Vitro Organic Matter Digestibility
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IVDMD, IVOMD, GP, and methane production at 24 hour of sorghum silage after 30 days of fermentation Items IVDMD IVOMD GP Methane production g/kg g/kg L/kg DM mL/L GP L/kg DM Control 510.
Progeny 3 showed the highest IVOMD values, followed by progenies 1 and 2, respectively.
Addition of phenols reduced IVOMD for both birch twigs and hay, but differences between seasons were only apparent at the highest concentration (F = 134.
1]) had significantly higher IVOMD as compared with plots fertilized with SCM (371 g [kg.
IVOMD (In vitro organic matter digestibility) was calculated according to the following formulas: IVOMD (%) = [(initial OM input - (Residue - Blank) / initial OM input) x100].
Besides the changes in canopy structure mentioned above, the decreases in the percentages of CP and IVOMD, from the first to the second period, could be explained by the aging of the forage plant.
This herbage was analyzed for CP by a macro-Kjeldahl technique and for IVOMD by a modified two-stage procedure (Moore and Mott, 1974).
The IVOMD content was determined according to the method of Tilley and Terry (1963), as modified by Engels and Van der Merwe (1967).
The IVOMD in samples was determined a DaisyII incubator (ANKOM Technology Macedon New York USA) using the technique described by Adesogan (2005).